Headline: The integration seminars "New Home in the Czech Republic" get positive feedback

As part of the „New Home in the Czech Republic“ project, 4 seminars for Arabic speakers and 2 seminars for Russian-speaking holders of international protection have already taken place, of which 2 seminars were online.

And what did the seminar participants like the most? What was the most useful for them? 

Read some of the participants‘ feedback:

„Good organization, contains useful and good information, it is necessary for every foreigner in the Czech Republic to participate in this seminar.“

„I liked accuracy of information, arrangement of thoughts, answers to all questions, care for the child during the seminar, interpretation into Arabic.“

„There was valuable information we learned for the first time.“

„I liked the seminar: 1) nice meeting and hospitality, 2) the way the lecturers and also the interpreters performed, 3) the information I didn’t know was very useful for me, 4) thank you very, very, very much. „

„I liked the organization of the seminar, the lecturers gave us comprehensive answers to our questions, of which there were many.“

„I like obtaining new and important information, human approach of employees.“

„Detailed information on life, work and rights in the Czech Republic.“

 „The online seminar was good and very beneficial for us. We were satisfied with the quality of the meeting and would like to thank you very much for your support, and for everything.”

Are you a holder of international protection (with international protection granted after 1st January 2017) and are you interested in participating in the seminar?

Contact us: info@novy-domov.cz, or on the telephone number: 739 558 794

More information and registration form can be found here: http://www.novy-domov.cz/

We look forward to you.