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Mezinárodní ochrana

Mezinárodní ochrana​ v Česke Republice

Každý, kdo je v zemi původu pronásledován, může po příchodu do České republiky (ČR) požádat o mezinárodní ochranu, která je udělena buď formou azylu, nebo doplňkové ochrany. Během řízení o udělení mezinárodní ochrany ministerstvo vnitra zkoumá, zda jste byli v zemi původu pronásledováni jedním z následujících důvodů:

→ uplatňování politických práv a svobod
→ rasy
→ pohlaví
→ náboženství
→ národnosti
→ příslušnosti k určité sociální skupině
→ pro zastávání určitých politických názorů ve státě, jehož občanství máte, nebo, v případě, že
jste osobou bez státního občanství, ve státě Vašeho posledního trvalého bydliště



Anyone who can prove that he was persecuted in his country for the above-mentioned reasons will be  granted asylum in the Czech Republic. Another reason for granting asylum is reunification with a family member (spouse,  minor child or, in the case of a minor child with a parent), who has already been granted asylum. In exceptional cases, it is possible to grant asylum for humanitarian reasons, however, there is no legal right to this form of asylum.

Doplňková ochrana

For whom the Ministry does not find sufficient grounds for asylum, but the applicant proves that, in the event of his return to his homeland, he would be in danger of being imposed or executed the death penalty, torture or inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment, and if he would be in serious danger by returning to his homeland
life or human dignity in situations of international or internal armed
conflict, or if the foreigner’s departure would be in conflict with the international obligations of the Czech Republic, he may be granted additional protection. This can also be granted due to reunification with a family member (spouse, minor child or, in the case of a minor child with a parent), to whom supplementary protection has already been granted.

Supplementary protection, unlike asylum, is granted for a certain period of time and after this period it is reviewed whether the reasons for which it was granted continue. If the reasons persist, its validity is extended. Its extension must be requested no later than 30 days before the end of the period for which the additional protection is granted.

Azylová procedura

The procedure for granting international protection begins the moment you submit an application to the police or directly to the officials of the Ministry of the Interior. First, you will be accommodated in the reception center for the entire period
of basic entry procedures (for the purpose of identification, entrance interview,
medical examination, etc.).

Reception centers are located:

→ in the village Zastávka u Brna (Havířská 514, POBox 14, 664 84 Zastávka u Brna)

→ at Prague – Ruzyně International Airport (Prague – Ruzyně, Aviatická 12, 160 08 Prague 6)

In the course of the proceedings, you will be interviewed in detail, and there may be more. During the interviews, it is important that you truthfully state the reasons that led you to leave your homeland. If you have any documents or other evidence with you that confirm the information provided by you, present them to the Ministry staff. Proceedings for the granting of international protection will take place in your mother
tongue or in a language in which you are able to communicate. Throughout the proceedings, you have the right to use the services of an interpreter, you can also choose a legal representative or use the services of free legal advice.

After completing all the entry procedures, you can be transferred to a residence center where you can stay for the entire duration of the proceedings regarding your application for international protection and you have the right to the provision of accommodation, food, other services and pocket money under the conditions set by the Asylum Act. You also have the option of leaving the residential center if you have the opportunity to secure your own housing.

If your procedure lasts longer than 6 months, you have the opportunity to start
working legally after this period. A condition for employment is obtaining an employment permit issued by the regional branch of the Labor Office of the Czech Republic. Employment earlier than 6 months after the application for international protection is illegal.

The accommodation centers are located in the villages:
→ Kostelec nad Orlicí (Rudé armády 1000, 517 41 Kostelec nad Orlicí)
→ Havířov (Na Kopci 5, 735 64 Havířov – Dolní Suchá)
→ Bělá – Jezová (Jezová 1501, 294 21, Bělá pod Bezdězem )
→ Stop (Havířská 514, 664 84, Brno – countryside)

Rozhodnutí o mezinárodní ochraně

If you have been granted international protection, you receive the same authorizations as the holder of a permanent residence permit for the period specified in the decision. This is the highest residence status that a foreigner can achieve before obtaining citizenship. Your rights and obligations are, with some exceptions, the same as those of Czech citizens. Your further stay in the Czech Republic will be governed by
the requirements of Act No. 325/1999 Coll., on Asylum, as amended (Act on Asylum), and Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Foreigners in the Territory of the Czech Republic , as amended, (Act on Residence of Foreigners), but you are also obliged to respect other laws of the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, if you do not have independent housing after being granted asylum or supplementary protection, you can apply for temporary placement in an integration asylum center (IAS). You can spend a maximum of 18 months in this type of facility
. Staying at the IAS is subject to a fee and serves mainly to learn the Czech
language, find a job and live independently.

Integration asylum centers are located in the following municipalities:

• Brno – Židenice (Tovačovského 3, 636 00 Brno 36)
• Havířov (Na Kopci 5, 735 64 Havířov – Dolní Suchá)
• Jaroměř – Josefov (Palackého 18, PO Box 10/P, 551 02 Jaroměř 3)
• Předlice (Husitská cesta 217/4, 400 05 Ústí nad Labem)

After you have been granted international protection, you can apply for inclusion in the State Integration Program (SIP), which is a support tool whose aim is to help holders of both forms of international protection overcome the first period of their life in the Czech Republic. It will help you in orientation and getting to know life in a new environment. The aim of the SIP is mainly assistance in securing housing, entering the labor market,
securing education and other social and legal advice and assistance. At the same time, it will help you in creating the prerequisites for acquiring knowledge of the Czech language. You can only be included in the program on the basis of your own application, which you receive when you receive the decision to grant international protection.
Participation in this program is voluntary. If you decide to join the program, its
rules are binding on you.

If you decide to participate in the SIP, after submitting the application, a social
worker of the general provider of integration services, i.e. the organization that implements the SIP, will contact you and introduce you to all the options offered to you within the program. At the same time, with regard to your place of residence, you will be assigned a specific worker who will accompany you through the program for 12 months and will help you.

The social worker will draw up an individual integration plan with you, which is an overview of your needs and activities that will need to be ensured during the implementation of the SIP. As part of this, it can help you in obtaining
stable housing, in finding a job, schools, ensuring social and medical care, etc. An individual integration plan is always prepared for the entire household and its duration is 12 months. The scope of support provided within the plan is determined to take into account the needs of each household member, however, its implementation requires an active approach on your part. During the implementation of the plan,
the social worker will be your advisor and guide, his role is only supportive so that after
the end of the implementation of the plan, i.e. after 12 months, you will be able to orient yourself in the Czech Republic and be able to function independently in everyday life.

You can also take advantage of the free Czech language course, which is organized by the Ministry of Education,
Youth and Sports and implemented by a professional organization dedicated to language training for foreigners.
After the granting of international protection, the staff of this organization will contact you with an offer to participate in the course.
The Czech language course is completely free and includes 400 teaching hours, which should enable you to master the basics of the Czech language, or help you improve your current knowledge. Courses are mainly organized in groups, whereby students are divided into groups according to their native language and current knowledge of Czech, based on an entrance placement test. If necessary, teaching can also take place online, or in exceptional cases also in the form of individual education.

You can also gain or expand your knowledge about the Czech Republic, life in it, or your rights and obligations at the New Home in the Czech Republic integration seminar, which is one-day and completely free, and you will get all useful information for your successful start of your new life.

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